Requirements for starting a LITTLE GENIUS Franchise


According to data, preschool business in India is worth more than Rs 4,000 crore. That’s definitely a huge amount which shows the potential of preschool business. One has the option of starting his own preschool or taking a franchise . The reason a franchise is popular is partly due to the fact that you are not alone; you have support at every step of your endeavor. There are few qualities that can actually help you to successfully run a pre school and become a part of our winning team --


  • • A passion for achievement and excellence and more importantly.
  • • Enjoy working with children
  • • Financial resource
  • • Paying full attention to understand and follow the system and procedures which are already proven.
  • • Believing that there is no substitute for hard work, especially in the first year of a new franchise.
  • • Having good communication and interpersonal skills is an asset for any business house especially those linked to educational service industry.
  • • Committed to the cause of providing good quality education to young children.



The initial investment will be in the range of INR.2,25,000/- to INR.3,50,000- The initial investment would be towards ambience and equipment costs and would include the start up franchisee

Initial Investment will include the following-


Franchise fee : 100000/-


Establishment Expenses:

1.2 Lacs to 2Lacs School decoration (interior & exterior, Montessori apparatus & other teaching aids, indoor & outdoor play items, students furniture etc.


Infrastructure Requirement


• Minimum 1,000 square feet of floor area on preferably on the ground floor.

• Hygienic and clean surroundings.

• Outdoor play area for the kids.

• Well ventilated interiors with easy entry and exits.


Starting your own LITTLE GENIUS Preschool : 7 easy steps


1.Fill the Franchise application Form and send it to the Corporate Office Address: PINNACLE EDUCATION & RESEARCH INSTITUTE , Aarohan (3rd Floor) , Wireless, Near Dispur BSNL office, Beltola Road, Guwahati-28 directly or email it to us at

2 .Kindly send us the location map of the proposed location in the city/town – plan/layout of the proposed building with dimensions (Sft.) of the rooms photographs of the concerned building.Our Team will take one week for review the proposed location.

3. If the location is approved, we will send you the agreement papers for signing.

4.Pay the onetime franchisee fee

5. After signing of the agreement and full payment of fees our team will visit the proposed school campus for pre opening support.

6. Training for your staff will be provided at our corporate office or if required at our other branches of Teachers training institute.

7. We will prepare a marketing plan for your launch in consultation with you. Once the branch is launched, you shall continue to receive regular guidance on running the school as per our curriculum.

Terms and conditions for the Franchisee

1. The Franchisee should have a minimum of around 1000 sq. ft. carpet area for the setting up the Play School in the ground floor with little open space in front of the building.

2. The Franchisee will have to pay an initial one-time Franchisee fee which is non refundable.

3. The Franchisee will have to pay a percentage (15 %) of the annual admission fee per student as a royalty to the franchisor

4. Duration of the franchisee agreement initially shall be of three years. It can be extended for further period if decided mutually between parties.